A kitten climbs up onto a table, and then tries to jump onto the couch but lands on the floor instead.

A kitten climbs up onto a table, and then knocks a lamp over.

A cute mom cate washes a baby otter like it’s actually a kitten.

The cutest kitten in the world can’t close it’s mouth right and its tongue sticks out all the time. ┬áThen it falls asleep when it hears a loud noise because of a rare condition it has!

So cute.

A hedgehog is so tiny and looking at it makes your brain light up like you took drugs or fell in love or ate chocolate.

A mischievous kitten passes a law that makes it more difficult for the working class and minorities to vote.

A puppy is adorably confused by a balloon.

A tiger and a bear cuddle and play together.

A secret cabal of sleepy kittens and a bunny dressed like a kitten are the true shadow government of every country.

A puppy fits perfectly in a bowl.

A baby sloth with an eyepatch and a cigarette lies concealed in the grassy knoll and shoots JFK in the head.

A cute black kitten raises its paws as it is surrounded by police officers.

A chipmunk tries to stuff one too many chestnuts into its mouth.

A slow loris, with huge eyes and adorable little paws and tongue, accepts 30 pieces of silver to eat cantaloupe with Jesus and identify him to the Romans.

An overexcitable puppy knocks over a toddler in its haste to retrieve a treat, but then cuddles up with the baby and falls asleep.

An adorable calico kitten with one blue eye and one brown eye is mistakenly sent to Guantanamo Bay without charges or a trial.

A stay-at-home father dresses up his toddler and their kitten so it looks like the kitten is on trial for drinking the toddler’s milk.

A flying squirrel steals a picnicker’s unattended keys.

A little kitten has facial markings that look like Hitler’s moustache, and you’ll never believe what happens next!